Design Environment for the Industrial Automation Sector

Project period: 2008-2010
Project status: finished February 2, 2011-03-10

MEDEIA - Aim and goal

The goal of MEDEIA was to methodically target, research and develop a formal framework support-ing a new modeling method to fulfil the increasing design and engineering needs in the industrial automation sector.
Moreover, the project aimed at the creation of a new intuitive modelling and design framework for embedded control systems.


Presentation of the MEDEIA project during the logi.cals Teaser Days in 2008:

Download (PDF) (slides in German language)

SCHUNK roboter environment: MEDEIA with plcOpen XML (logi.CAD/logi.RTS/PLC5200 with IEC61131-MotionLib and FORTE/4DIAC/IEC61499), resp.

The finally integrated software tools of the MEDEIA project

Automation System Design NOW and THEN (after MEDEIA) - A comparison of the old and new method