logi.CAD 3 is an engineering software for developing control applications for industrial automation. Diverse systems ranging from microcontrollers to OEM-platforms and multi-core industry PCs can be programmed in accordance with industry standard IEC 61131-3.

  • Sector independent and powerful +

    As open, scalable and powerful system, logi.CAD 3 fits the various requirements of OEM partners. The open platform is easily adoptable, enabling the efficient development of the manufacturer inde-pendent automation solutions and increases engineering performance in each project phase.
  • Long-term availability & multiplatform capability +

    The use of Java and Eclipse ensures long-term availability. Moreover, logi.CAD 3 runs on Windows®, Linux* und Mac OS® X*. (*on request)
  • Cutting edge technology as basis +

    The modern Eclipse framework allows both source code and review tools to connect, and seamless integration in continuous integration & environments.
  • Compact, Professional & Enterprise +

    logi.CAD 3 is available in three different versions and can optimally be adapted to different require-ments. logi.CAD 3 “Compact” is available for free and offers a powerful ST-Editor (Structured Test). logi.CAD 3 “Professional” allows graphical programming in FBD (function-block-diagram) and FSC (function sequential chart), and supports the teamwork of developers. logi.CAD 3 “Enterprise” is the basis for company specific solutions.
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logi.cals Power Inside

With logi.CAD programmed controllers ensure comfort and information of driver and passengers in three of four city- and overland buses in Europe.
Nearly every third hydroelectric power station is automated with logi.CAD programmed controllers.
Constructions which are programmed with logi.CAD mill thousand tons of steel into high-quality sheet metal all around the world daily.
Thousands of with logi.CAD programmed controllers ensure safety and comfort in the most modern ships of the world.