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2 Monate 3 Wochen her #450 von Daniel De Renzy

As mentioned in my previous posts I am using Logicad3 with a Revolution Pi Core 3 module to control a system and log each event as it occurs.

For each event log I would like to be able to capture the event start, and event finish, dates and times (that is read and capture the system Date and Time at the start of each event and the end of each event).

Is there a function with Logicad3 that can do this easily and automatically?

I have found the RTC block within logicad3, however this requires a user to declare the current Date and Time when the RTC clock begins. I can do this however I am aware that the start Date and Time will have to be updated every time that the system loses power/ reboots which is a bit inconvenient.

I have seen in other ST programs a function called GET_TIME (or similar) that achieves what I am after.

Any help/ guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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3 Wochen 13 Stunden her #472 von Walter Zögernitz
Hello & thank you for posting this topic!

Raspberry Pi, RevPi, has no "BOIS battery". Because of that, you need to synchronize the systems date and time with an application needs to be installed on the system. Otherwise the system time will drift up to some minutes compared to the DCF77 time in one week.
For logging the values to the file system please see:

kind regards

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