Jenkins will not work

1 Jahr 1 Monat her #313 von Max DeSousa
Jenkins will not work wurde erstellt von Max DeSousa

I'm using logi.CAD 5.5 B722.10929, and I am having issues with compiling using Jenkins.

I've been able to get some help from people to run a compile of my project via script. Here is what I had been instructed to use:
call "C:\Program Files (x86)\logicad_v55\ENV\LcStart.bat" /lcNoWin: /lcExit: /lcCommand:lcCSpi.exe /Killserver

call "C:\Program Files (x86)\logicad_v55\ENV\LcStart.bat" /lcNoWin: /lcExit: /lcCommand:lcCSpi.exe /Automation

call "C:\Program Files (x86)\logicad_v55\ENV\LcStart.bat" /lcNoWin: /lcExit: /lcWait: /lcCommand:rtcg.exe -q -f:"%cd%\Compile_Log.txt" "%ProjectPath%"

call "C:\Program Files (x86)\logicad_v55\ENV\LcStart.bat" /lcNoWin: /lcExit: /lcCommand:lcCSpi.exe /Killserver 

This works for compiling when I run it in command prompt (Windows 7). Now, when I add these same commands to a Jenkins job it stops.

I enabled Jenkins to interact with my desktop and when I do this, logi.CAD (from the Jenkins run) says:

Error: GSL009: The signal database connector could not be initialized.
Internal error: can not access signal list COM-server!

Any ideas on how I can fix this? I am running out of ideas, and would like to run automated builds.

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1 Jahr 3 Wochen her #316 von Jürgen Huber
Dear Max,

you are talking about logi.CAD V5.5 with Jenkins? In my point of view it isn´t tested in this combination and so I am sorry to tell you that I can´t help you. ;-(
We are using logi.CAD 3 with Jenkins, for this we know that it works.


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