logi.DOC Add-ons

A variety of add-ons are available for logi.DOC.


logi.BROWSER creates reference links based on the XML exports for blocks used in logi.CAD and logi.DOC-Project. A tree structure shows which blocks are not in use, so they may be deleted if desired.


The generation tool logo.BULK is able to automatically generate function plans and PLC programs using typicals (templates).

Typicals that you create in logi.CAD or logi.DOC can be used with a typical or loop list to generate function and logic plans automatically. The typicals contain placeholders that are replaced with patterns or replacement tags in the target plans when they are generated.


The engineering tool logi.CED creates cause and effect tables. These depict automation and monitoring tasks in easy-to-understand diagrams. The names of the cause and effects and their actions are stored in a database and referenced online with links. They can be imported by MS Excel and other basic and detailed engineering tools. The central database can also be stored on a Microsoft SQL server.

logi.CED conforms to the EN 62881 standard.


logi.SIGNAL is a smart editor for editing the signal database in logi.DOC and makes it possible to exchange data with Microsoft Excel.  As part of quality assurance, logi.SIGNAL generates signal use reports that detect planning errors.
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