Tool for programming Controllino logi.CAD 3 in accordance with IEC 61131-3

The current trend in the automation branch is moving away from large-scale LPC systems and heading towards smaller, decentralised automation systems. This trend is confirmed by the growth in the microcontroller market. A new development is Controllino logi.CAD 3, a cost-effective automation system based on Arduino.

Thanks to the integration of the runtime system logi.RTS from logi.cals, it is already suited for industrial use. Starting from version 1.62, logi.CAD 3 is the first engineering toolkit that conforms to IEC 61131-3 when programming the Controllino Mini, Maxi and Mega variants. The embedded controller has the advantage that it is equipped with pluggable I/O pins for connecting inputs and outputs. Controllino logi.CAD3's industrial strength housing is designed to be mountable on the DIN rails.

logi.CAD 3 is a software tool based on Eclipse for programming anything from microcontrollers to high-end industrial PCs. It supports the programming languages ST (Structured Text) and FBD (Function Block Diagrams) on the Windows®, Linux* und Mac OS® X* platforms. The re-use of other projects and partial solutions increases productivity.



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