IEC 61131-3 Planning workshop for µMIC.200

Are you looking to gain an overview on the latest methods in automation planning?

Are the topics “Industry 4.0” and “IoT” of upcoming interest to you? Attend our free workshop day with our partner MicroControl GmbH in Troisdorf (approx. 20 km from Cologne).

The latest challenges in automation can no longer be solved using conventional systems. It’s all about remote maintenance, secure access and programming in accordance to standards. All of this will be brought together and put to use on our new automation controller µMIC.200.

In his seminar segment, Dieter Goltz from logi.cals will show you the basic steps for turning the new µMIC.200 controller from MicroControl into a “classic” PLC. logi.CAD 3 compact, the engineering tool from logi.cals for programming proprietary embedded controllers to multi-core industrial PCs is available free-of-charge. MicroControl will also be demonstrating programming in the languages C/C+.

The workshop is aimed at engineers and designers that are looking to gain an overview on the latest developments in PLC planning and automation. Our starter set containing µMIC.200 und I/O components is provided in the workshop as the development platform and demo project.



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