New Feature "Intelligent PDF" within logi.DOC

The new "Intelligent PDF" feature within logi.DOC enables our users to create navigable PDF files directly out of logi.DOC. A standard PDF viewer is adequate to view these PDF files - there is no need to install logi.DOC, this is also valid for mobile devices. The new feature will be provided for version 5.9 onwards. Version 5.9 will be released in the fall of 2018.

Watch out, if you are an early bird: All logi.DOC users may benefit from our special special discount of 25% until the beginning of December 2018.

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Enjoy the following advantages by using "Intelligent PDF":

  • Navigation within the PDF is making the handling of the document easier.
  • Intelligent PDF files can be used on mobile devices as well.
  • logi.DOC Viewer (installation, operation, training) is no longer necessary.
  • High-quality function plan documents for the end customer without additional license costs
  • Navigation via cross-reference information in "attached comment fields"

The importance of online documentation and paperless documentation continues to increase. Of course, this also applies to the system-independent functional description in the form of function diagrams that have already been produced in a wide variety of logi.DOC areas for years.

Functional diagrams belong to a comprehensive documentation in the area of the basic & detail engineering. The graphical realization makes an international usage possible. Moreover, they are a valuable and helpful basis for the specification of the requirements as well as a specification for the programming for the process control technique and PLC technology.

The previously generated PDF documents were adequate - but there was no possibility to navigate within the PDF - as it is a given in eBooks or other PDF documents.

In order to obtain a navigable documentation of your plant, a separate logi.DOC Viewer was required. The new feature "Intelligent PDF" allows hyperlink-based navigation within the exported PDF document. In order to view the PDF, you will only need a standard PDF viewer - not matter if you open the PDF on a desktop PC or on a smartphone.

logi.DOC uses the already well-known document management with revision support and the integrated export interface as the basis for the new function. Now there is the additional export format "PDF" - provided you have the appropriate enabled license. Subsequently, you are able to export navigable function diagrams.

The following elements are exported to PDF:

  • cover sheet
  • table of contents
  • signal list
  • function block diagrams

See our new logi.DOC brochure, if you are interested in further information about logi.DOC and other additional products.



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