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logi.cals offers the Safety Modular System for the IIoT Age

Functional safety is the future: it is used in more and more areas, from wind energy to power tools, and from automotive to aerospace engineering. Many manufacturers are therefore faced with the challenge of integrating (additional) safety functions into their components and applications.

In addition, this safety should be as 'smart' as possible today, i. e. going beyond simply disconnecting a power supply or closing a door. The industrial automation software company logi.cals from St. Pölten in Austria offers a trend-setting 'smart' safety modular system. By this, companies can today achieve certified products and applications cost-sensitively and quickly - even future-proof regarding IoT and by retaining own previous developments.

The trend is obvious: our environment is continuously getting ‘smarter‘. Kitchen appliances, garden and household aids, tools, all sorts of devices, and, of course, industrial machines and systems now have microprocessor-controlled functions that have nothing to do any more with a simple ON/OFF and a more or less mechanical control as it was in earlier times.  We do not have to go far to see this: Cooking processors complement our kitchen appliances, garden and household robots replace lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners. Safety functions that protect people, machines and the environment are increasingly demanded. Machine and equipment manufacturers are therefore required to implement appropriate fail-safe capabilities.

Bild 1: logi.SAFE architecture

logi.SAFE: The quick and cost-sensitive way to Safety Integration
logi.cals from St. Pölten in Austria has been a proven expert in the field of software tools and platforms for industrial automation for more than 30 years.  In cooperation with the German company ISH from Kreuztal logi.cals offers a modular system of prefabricated  and certified modules for functional safety. This system enables quick and tailormade solutions. Part of this modular system is a safety-related, scalable hardware, a comprehensive library of safe modules combined in the development platform, and safety-related communication, for example via an FSoE master and slave. A Safety Test Library and the Safety Motion Library speed up development considerably. The TÜV-certificates for the modules significantly reduce development time and costs. In addition, one of the world‘s first floating point libraries for safety-related applications is being prepared currently.

First Browser-Based Safety Solutions
logi.SAFE opens up the possibility of using a new browser-based programming and parameterization solution for functionally safe microcontrollers or IPCs in conjunction with a safe PLC runtime system. This makes logi.cals the first supplier to be able to offer such a browser-based safety development solution. It allows users to easily qualify their own libraries with the help of a safety tool chain and load them onto the controller, for example via a cloud solution. The editor working in the browser then allows safe parameterization or programming directly on the controller. This provides a highly flexible and versatile system for safety-related applications, which at the same time guarantees high cost efficiency and allows the user to access his safety and certification tool chain at any time.

Bild 2: View of logi.SAFE solution in a web-browser

Flexible for Life
The certification process usually required for safety components makes updates and upgrades possible only to a limited extent, as they are correspondingly complex and expensive. This problem, too, is solved by logi.cals with its browser-based modular system: in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), functional safety can no longer evade integration into more flexible applications. The demands  resulting from Industry 4.0 in this regard are clear: functional safety should not become an obstacle when making production more flexible. Nevertheless, the protective function of safety devices must not be compromised at any time. This can only be achieved by using prefabricated, tested and pre-certified functions such as those offered by logi.cals in its modular system. This means that the new control platform makes it possible to access the safety controller directly with any suitable browser solution in order to easily change safe parameters or generate complex PLC programs in the same way using a smartphone or tablet as well as a PC. This means that the solution's target group basically includes every manufacturer or user who regularly has to program or parameterize their target system within the framework of functionally safe electronics. logi.cals‘ solution is optimally designed for this. For those who have to make frequent changes to their safety application during the life cycle of a component or an application, the browser-based system logi.SAFE is the ideal solution. The entire system is industry-neutral and largely platform-independent.

Standard und Safety Control in one Location
logi.cals and ISH are part of the Neuron Group. Together with a network of strong technology partners this group offers an innovative platform for future IIoT solutions. logi.SAFE ist part of this development and based on ISHs profound know-how and experience in safety-related systems and components. logi.cals has been supporting control manufacturers and users with engineering tools and runtime systems for more than 30 years, originally according to IEC61131-3 - recently also C, C++ and Python - Java is currently being planned. This allows users to design their workflow according to their own preferences and also to include developers who prefer to use high-level languages instead of the IEC61131-3 languages.

For some time now, it has not only been the classical control technology in the context of the Machinery Directive that is affected: More and smaller machines, apparatuses and devices are integrating safety functions. Safety is therefore a highly dynamic business area for device manufacturers, which - also in the course of digitalization - is opening up ever more fields of application, for example in the area of smart, safe drives or safe sensors. logi.SAFE is the ideal platform for this. logi.cals and ISH support manufacturers and users in the development of their safe components with the comprehensive safety modular system and the browser-based development solution developed from it. In addition, logi.cals and ISH provides their customers with advice on all questions relating to development and certification and ensure that customers can hold their market-ready product in their hands quickly.

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